Funeral Services

To cope, we require some type of goodbye, even a basic one, as well as the ability to grieve and be among others to receive and provide support. We frequently undervalue the significance of a funeral in our lives. Since the beginning of time, all civilizations have developed ceremonies to honour their deceased members because they understood the importance of recognizing our feelings for the deceased and knowing that they have been 'put to rest' in a dignified manner. When someone passes away, the funeral is about them, not for them. Everyone who knew, loved, or was otherwise connected to the deceased should attend the funeral. This is a plain truth. The word "funeral" may distort the desire of certain people for a straightforward farewell. You don't have to call it a funeral; you can name it whatever sounds best to you: a gathering, a tribute, a farewell, a ceremony, a send-off, a get-together, a muster. Funerals support a crucial aspect of grief because they reaffirm the fact that the death has occurred.

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