Icu ambulance

ICU Ambulance services in Delhi. Lord Krishna Ambulance provide various types of ambulance services, one of which is ICU Ambulance services. This has the advantage that it critical case patient shifted to superior hospital which all facilities as in the ICU ambulance. The patient is accompanied with doctor, Para Medical staff and life supporting equipment. Apart from this type of ambulance has the facility of oxygen cylinders, attendant, regulators, collapsible stretcher, scoop stretcher, first aid kit etc. Possible with us the service of critical case that play an important role in saving life of the patients by serving as the immediate first aid in ICU Ambulance services. These ICU ambulances are able to with all the necessary life saving medical equipments. Patients are provided with the immediate actions earlier to reaching the hospitals or medical centres. Our ICU Ambulance services are great demand of multiple hospitals of providing critical and essential care to the patients.

  • Icu ambulance in Sidhi International agrsen Hospital
  • Icu ambulance in dwarka
  • Icu ambulance in pitampura
  • Icu ambulance in rohini

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