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As the portable arm of the Indraprastha Lord Krishna Ambulance's crisis reaction group, our fundamental job is to answer Emergency 1066 Calls, getting clinical assistance to patients who have genuine or hazardous wounds or sicknesses as fast as could be expected. We handle right around 4000 calls each year across Delhi, NCR and Neighboring States. our committed staffs records the applicable subtleties and use data about the idea of the patient's sickness or injury to guarantee they are sent the right clinical assistance. Our Ambulance Services are furnished with the "Best Care" conceivable, with patient solace and care being our first concern without settling for less. Our smaller than expected emergency clinics on wheels are exceptionally decided to offer prevalent patient solace with condition of craftsmanship clinical innovation and ability. As well as giving the best Advanced Life Support (ALS) care, we likewise have an armada of Specialized Life Support (SLS) ambulances ensured on all levels - Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal. To staff these vehicles, we have profoundly qualified Emergency Response Team, who are exceptionally prepared in essential life support, intense heart life support, progressed injury life support, to go to some random crisis circumstance. Basic Care accreditation trains our accomplished paramedics to use progressed gear like ventilators, obtrusive checking gadgets and lines, and other such hardware found in serious and basic consideration settings.

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